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ceramitec 2022 is lighting the fuse of innovation

April 4, 2022

  • Presentations and panels in more than 30 slots
  • Friday is career day
  • The ceramics industry is keeping a close eye on process efficiency and climate neutrality

At ceramitec from June 21 to 24, 2022, Messe München is offering the ceramics industry a top-class supporting program. This year, the innovations and presentation will fill the program of two forums for the first time. In the forum in Hall C1, 3D printing is breaking new ground. When it comes to heavy clay ceramics in the forum in Hall C3, everything revolves around resource efficiency. On Friday, universities will show entry options and career opportunities in the ceramics industry.

The opening event of the trade fair will take place at 10:00 a.m. on Monday. This will be followed by three days of specialist presentations, podium discussions and exhibitor presentations in roughly 30 slots—plus a program on the topic of “careers” on Friday. 60-minute sessions make it possible to quickly switch between conference and trade fair. Two forums bring the topics of the conference closer to the respective exhibition areas. The dual forum areas ensure the appropriate distance for maintaining good hygiene while also offering space for personal exchange.

Forums full of innovation

While fine ceramics is advancing into new fields with additive manufacturing, innovations in heavy clay ceramics are focusing on resource efficiency. In both areas, associations and publishers are supporting the conference program. In the forum in Hall C1, every other session is sponsored by Göller Verlag. Other highlights include talks from Pole Européen, a network located in Limoges, which will be a hub for future-proof innovations. When it comes to heavy clay ceramics in the forum in Hall C3, ZI Ziegelindustrie will be participating with a series of sessions that shed light on the topic of climate neutrality from five perspectives. In order to better meet the wishes of the international visitors, all forum events will take place in English and are open to all trade fair participants.

Knowing what the future holds

There are many innovations in additive manufacturing. From experimental approaches to industry standards, the conference program will demonstrate where and how 3D printing can be implemented and create profit. On Tuesday and Thursday, Göller Verlag will bring trade fair visitors up to speed on ceramic components and systems with six of their own sessions and a joint event. To this end, the Ceramic Applications platform and cfi ceramic forum trade journal offer a stage for international top innovators from industry and science. Topics in the spotlight include the right mix for high-performance components, efficient use of materials and energy, industrialization through series production and 3D printing in areas of application such as analytics, energy generation and mobility.

Leaving behind the familiar paths

Sitting still is worthwhile for people who want to question materials, processes and applications. To this end, AM Ceramics is offering two consecutive sessions on Wednesday. First, the industry representative will be setting new standards for industrial manufacturing of complex components in the slot “Time-to-Market Redefined: 3D Printing in Ceramics.” It will show how flexible, individual and small-scale 3D printing can be in the area of high-performance ceramics. Following that, the well-researched podium “Rewrite the Rules: Inspiring Innovations in Ceramics” will provide a boost for innovation. This session will show new technologies and their potential for geometries and materials in new areas.

Last but not least: Metal

On all three days, in the last session of the day, the forum in Hall C1 will provide information about the production of 3D parts from metal powder. The IAPK from RWTH Aachen offers innovations in the manufacturing process. One session focuses on binders for perfect density. Another uses digital twins to simulate how operation and maintenance can be simplified in additive manufacturing. The session “Additive Manufacturing of Tool Materials” is a definite highlight. It will show visitors new approaches for how materials can be better processed in beam-based 3D printing.

Heavy clay ceramics in a race against time

In the brick and tile industry, the year 2050 dominates many of the presentations. This is the date by which the heavy clay ceramics industry is to produce in a climate-neutral way. In nearly half of the sessions, the trade journal ZI Ziegelindustrie and the VDMA will tackle the challenges of the road map as well as topics such as decarbonization, with new technologies such as hydrogen or through a more efficient use of materials and energy in tunnel kilns and so on. In addition, sessions from Deutsche Feuerfest Industrie e. V., Institut für Baustoffforschung, Interceram & Keramische Zeitschrift and MMI Asia, will show how markets are developing and what state-of-the-art in science and application look like.

Friday is career day

Together with students from Freiberg University, students on the WesterWaldCampus of Koblenz University are putting together a career day for young professionals. They will give information about study options, career paths and employer expectations. For the three sessions, the students will organize one-on-one match making at tables in the middle of a small employer exhibition.

Exhibitors from all over the world

From the forum in Hall C1, you don’t have to go far to find innovative additive manufacturing companies. Highlights include: Rauschert, Lithoz, Alumina, Voxeljet, 3D-Ceram, Robert Bosch GmbH and WZR. Industry heavyweights such as Lingl Anlagenbau GmbH, Bongioanni Macchine and Metalcertima as well as many smaller producers and plant constructors for heavy clay ceramics will be present around the forum in Hall C3.

“The conference program reflects the international ingenuity of the ceramics industry. Many of the technologies, processes and materials being presented in numerous new areas of application will help us with the greatest task of our time, the management of climate change,” says Dr. Robert Schönberger, ceramitec Project Manager, emphasizing the importance of the trade fair.

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