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ceramitec 2022 will be characterized by resource efficiency

March 7, 2022

  • Energy-efficient systems in international competition
  • Process and material efficiency for balancing costs and quality
  • Applications for ceramics and powder metallurgy as a lever for the carbon footprint

From June 21 to 24, the topic of resource efficiency will be a common thread uniting the offerings of the world’s leading trade fair, ceramitec 2022. On the Messe München exhibition grounds, the industry will present its innovations for manufacturing processes, new materials and above all applications that allow ceramic products to save energy and benefit the environment.

The threat of climate change is driving innovation more than ever before. That’s why, above all, international exhibitors and visitors at ceramitec 2022 can expect competitive solutions that can protect the environment without sacrificing quality or increasing costs. After a two-year break, the trade fair is once again bringing all the areas of the industry together. In addition to innovations for reducing energy consumption and emissions in the production process, the trade fair will also demonstrate how ceramic material can be a lever for resource efficiency for many conventional and new areas of application.

Brick making industry undergoing transformation

The topic of the energy transition, and the associated goal of CO2-neutral production, is the focus of mechanical and plant engineering for the brick making industry. The industry is concerned with electrified production processes that use renewable energy sources from green electricity to hydrogen. This involves challenges such as decoupled kilns and dryers, the use of heat pumps in the drying process, additives without fossil carbon content and, overall, the use of less material or more recycling materials. At the trade fair, the brick making industry will take a close look at the latest technological approaches for the decarbonization of its manufacturing processes. In the fierce wind of international competition, brick makers have less leeway than ever. At the same time, in the production of energy-efficient building materials, we see additional potential to contribute to a balanced carbon footprint in the larger context. Here, too, ceramitec will show what the industry has to offer.

Efficiency in production and application

Established exhibitors and a wide range of new players will provide information about innovations in ceramic materials, devices and technologies as well as the integration of the material into complex material systems. Resource efficiency also unites the topics of fine ceramics and refractory ceramics as well as technical ceramics, additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy in Hall C1. In addition to increasingly efficient production, the latest developments from many plant manufacturers and mechanical engineers are concentrating on new fields of application for ceramics. Exhibitors such as Dorst, Eirich, Lippert, Lithoz, Lauffer, SACMI, Netzsch and Osterwalder will present new generations of tried-and-tested systems and completely new developments for various industries and markets. Joint booths of Pôle Européen de la Céramique and Ceramic Applications will show what is happening with ceramic components in the field of technical ceramics, for example in terms of insulation, wear resistance, corrosion and temperature resistance, thermal conductivity and dimensional stability.

As a composite material in new industries

Attendees from a variety of industries searching for durable components that can withstand abrasion, heat and corrosion for longer are interested in advances in ceramic-metal composites. The Institute for Application Technology Powder Metallurgy and Ceramics at the RWTH Aachen e.V. (IAPK) will put the spotlight on research results on how metallic and ceramic materials can be produced using powder technology. The experts will explain additive manufacturing in connection with hard metals, from material development to component manufacturing including joining technology. Exhibitors in Hall C1 will show the practical side of the development, production and use of composite materials, from the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries to air conditioning and power plant technology to use in space travel, aircraft and ships. Applications in lightweight construction, e-mobility and other future technologies, will be of particular interest to visitors from industry, as, in combination with other materials, ceramics provide benefits here in terms of environmental and process efficiency. Among the suppliers of carbon and ceramic solutions is the world’s leading Schunk Group with its range of axial bearings, radial bearings, sliding linings and furnace linings made of C/C material.

The trade fair is a melting pot for expert knowledge

“Experts in raw materials, systems, machines, processes, products and above all users from all kinds of industries will meet for intensive discussions. For four days, the trade fair will be a melting pot for planned and spontaneous meetings that create new momentum. These discussions are more important for our resource-efficient future than ever. After a two-year break, we are offering the perfect program for this with exhibitors and forums,” says Dr. Robert Schönberger, Exhibition Director at ceramitec.

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