Additive manufacturing in technical ceramics

Additive manufacturing (AM) has made revolutionary changes since its inception a few decades ago and is now gaining traction in the ceramics industry.

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Benefits include reduced product development timescales and costs, the ability to make small quantities and short runs of specialities, as well as increased design freedom—complex parts are as easy to produce as simple ones, and an array of design iterations are possible through the elimination of tooling and short production times.

AM has been changing the way products are designed and made in a plethora of markets with numerous materials, it is now time for the Ceramics market to start enjoying it.

The potential of additive manufacturing in technical ceramics is clearly vast, which is why we created a special focus on the discipline at ceramitec 2024.

Several leading companies offering AM solutions for the ceramics market were exhibiting at ceramitec 2024.

Ceramics straight from the printer!

Additive Manufacturing: Flexible and ready for the market. What opportunities and perspectives are opened up by additive manufacturing. Olivier Durand, Managing Director CTTC at ceramitec on the advantages of flexible geometries and low-cost manufacturing.