Raw materials and additives, powder, production materials, and ancillaries

The crucial role of raw materials and additives, as well as powders, production materials, and ancillaries in ceramic production processes, is highlighted through a dedicated exhibition area at ceramitec.

In the ceramics industry and in powder metallurgy, the quality of natural and synthetic raw materials and powders plays a key role in determining the efficiency of production processes and the properties of finished components. Organic and inorganic additives and ancillaries optimize the mixtures required for production here, making them perfect for processing. They also have a targeted effect on the material properties of end products. With increased requirements for material efficiency, raw material and powder suppliers are becoming more deeply involved in production technology.

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© © 2022 Benedikt Roth – All rights reserved
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This drive to raise efficiency is not just limited to optimizing input factors, i.e. the material used and the end product. There are also increasing requirements as regards recycling materials resulting from the production process, right up to the recycling of ceramic components that have already been utilized and have now reached the end of their life span.

In addition to ceramic raw materials, refractory materials and kiln furniture are a further important area related to processes and the properties of ceramics.