Refractory materials, kiln furniture, kilns, and kiln equipment

The high-temperature processes that are so crucial to the ceramics industry would not be possible without refractory materials and kiln furniture. Kilns and kiln equipment round off this exhibition space at ceramitec.

The high-temperature processes used, for example, in the manufacture of steel, cement, glass and, of course, ceramics would not be possible without refractory materials. The raw materials used in the manufacture of refractory products have a significant impact on manufacturing costs and, in particular, the quality and ceramic properties of the end products. To respond more flexibly to the needs of the relevant industries, the ratio of castables to precast products has increased markedly in recent years.

With regard to refractory applications in the ceramics industry, the topic of heat resistance is addressed in all areas from raw materials and treatment processes through shaping and sintering to application in all thermotechnical processes in ceramics manufacturing.

It is also industry practice to recycle refractory materials after they have been used.

You can find all information on the subject of brick manufacturing in the machines, systems, and devices for heavy clay ceramics area.