Special Area Smart Materials & Energy Hub

Join us at the Smart Materials and Energy Hub and answer the pressing questions of the ceramics industry and user sectors.

The content of this page refers to the preview ceramitec. Information on ceramitec 2026 will follow soon.

  • The significant increase in world energy consumption and the need for clean and efficient energy resources fuel the search for new materials and technologies. Renewable power generation technologies will require new solutions for efficient and reliable energy storage. Advanced engineered ceramics and technologies could help the global community to achieve the stated goals.
  • Advanced ceramics, cermets, and ceramic matrix composites are also the basis for new developments in many applications apart from energy generation and energy storage, such as extreme environmental conditions, aerospace, mobility, medical technology, microelectronics, etc.
  • However, for its part, the ceramics industry, as a very energy-intensive sector, is looking for solutions to the burning issues of decarbonization, energy efficiency, energy storage, energy recovery and circular economy.

All answers to our urgent questions of today, from sustainability to climate change, will somehow contain a ceramic as part of thesolution.

Benedikt, Dr. Johannes
  • CTO
  • Lithoz

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How to participate

Until February 1st you have the possibility to apply for the Special Area Smart Materials & Energy Hub. To do so please fill out the form and send it to

  • You have not yet participated in ceramitec, but would like to get in touch with potential new customers on the exhibitor and visitor side with manageable expense?
  • You are from a research institute and looking for a platform where you can present your research results and win partners for the implementation in practice?
  • You are already an exhibitor, but one of the topics is close to your heart and you would like to explicitly present your competence in this special field as well?
  • Then join us at the Smart Materials and Energy Hub and answer the pressing questions of the ceramics industry and user sectors by finding possible solutions together!

If your company is addressing any of the following issues, then register now.

Energy Solutions

  • Energy storage, batteries and fuel cells
  • Hydrogen technology
  • Energy efficiency
  • Electric insulators
  • Insulation and insulating materials
  • Heat recovery
  • Recycling and processing
  • Energy recovery

Advanced Materials



Porous materials




  • Carbon
  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Concrete
  • Paper
  • Miscellaneous

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Premium Placement

  • 4 days in a premium position in hall A6, the hall adjacent to the main entrance, where everything focusses on technical ceramics, additive manufacturing and ceramic applications

A state-of-the-art and sustainable booth construction

  • Workstation / Number of exhibitor passes: 3
  • incl. logo graphics, setup and dismantling
  • 1 bar stool, graphic panel for logo, lighting, WiFi access point
  • All service charges already included: General cleaning, electricity (connection max. 1 kW with one socket), waste disposal fee, mandatory communication fee, AUMA fee, stand security
  • Basic entry in the ceramitec trade fair directories: visitor guide and online exhibitor database

Speaking slot

  • A stage with screen is integrated in the special area
  • 20-minute slots per day for product presentations or topic discussions

VAT is not included

How to apply

If you are interested in booking our premium all-inclusivestand package for the Smart Materials & Energy Hub, please contact us directly.

If you want to participate with a larger, individual booth instead, please use the registration link.

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