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Exhibitor and visitor figures

Note: The content of this page refers to ceramitec 2018.

Information on the next ceramitec 2022 will follow soon.

ceramitec's participant profile is a testament to its position as the leading international trade fair for the ceramics industry. 633 exhibitors and over 15,500 participants registered for the event in 2018. 60 percent of the exhibitors and visitors came from abroad.

Meanwhile read our statements about the fair to find out what exhibitors said about ceramitec 2018. Also, see our participant survey to find out how exhibitors and visitors rated ceramitec.

Exhibitor statistics

Exhibitor numbers and international diversity


exhibitors from 38 countries and regions


from abroad

Top 10 exhibitor countries and regions

  1. Germany: 227
  2. China: 100
  3. Italy: 53
  4. France: 45
  5. Spain: 23
  6. Great Britain: 18
  7. The Republic of Korea, USA: 17
  8. The Netherlands: 12
  9. Switzerland, Czrech Republic, Turkey: 10

Visitor statistics

Visitor numbers and international diversity


participants from 95 countries and regions


from abroad

Top 10 visitor countries and regions

  1. Germany
  2. Italy
  3. Austria
  4. France
  5. Turkey
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Russian Federation
  8. China
  9. Poland
  10. Great Britain

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