Special Ceramic Applications show

They do much and yet require little. They are robust and yet flexible. They are lightweight and yet durable. Ceramics impress where other materials have long since reached their limits. How? The special Ceramic Applications show will demonstrate.

For an energy-efficient future

Ceramics are a true multi-talent in the materials arena. But more importantly: the high-performance, versatile material is a lever for efficiency. The special show will present sustainable and economical solutions featuring new materials that are dimensionally stable, heat resistant, rustproof, robust and easily withstand even the harshest conditions.

Special show location: The Ceramic Applications special show will be held in Hall A6.339.

Stage for hidden champions

Ceramic Applications will put the spotlight on the latest additive manufacturing applications. The special show will bring together the industry's most innovative minds. Sophisticated multi-material systems that incorporate unusual combinations of properties create new opportunities.

Two practical highlights of the exhibition

Directly in the aircraft turbine: heat resistant and lightweight

Developed by Fraunhofer with Rolls Royce. Near-net-shape and almost textile-like fabrics that are produced in a single-stage process will be shown. In the spotlight: energy-efficient applications of ceramic matrix composites (CMC) with minimal weight for temperatures above 1000 °C that adapt to complex shapes.

Robust and reusable in ignition systems in satellite propulsion engines

Ignition system using Multi Material Jetting (MMJ) developed by a start-up at the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS). In the spotlight: a system that combines different materials with different properties into a single product, which is suitable even for multiple uses in the harshest environments.

Taking a step closer to the solution

Featuring a wide range of innovations, the special show will encourage the exchange of know-how, knowledge and ideas. Visitors will discover:

  • facts and figures on latest applications
  • sparring partners for own ideas and tasks
  • exchange on current industry requirements