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Facts and figures about ceramitec

Find insights, facts and figures about ceramitec, the leading international trade fair for the ceramics industry here.

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ceramitec exhibitors and their products

Who is exhibiting at ceramitec? Find all ceramitec exhibitors and their products and services in our exhibitor directory.

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ceramitec exhibition sectors

ceramitec shows the ceramics industry's diversity. Find out about the trade fair's exhibition sectors and key themes here.

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Partners and associations 2022

ceramitec has an impressive network of partners, who support the trade fair with their expertise and media coverage. See list of partners here.

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Outstanding feedback from exhibitors and visitors alike

The results of our visitor and exhibitor survey have confirmed that ceramitec is continuing down the right path. Read more.

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Exhibitor and visitor figures

See our latest visitor and exhibitor figures here. Find out why ceramitec is the leading international trade fair for the ceramics industry.

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Statements about ceramitec

Read on to find out what exhibitors have to say about ceramitec. The positive feedback from key players emphasizes the importance of ceramitec.

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